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Three Hills

TH-01 - Lana
On time
Updated: Mar 22 at 12:21 PM
TH-02 - Jerri-Lynn
On time
Updated: Jan 18 at 9:33 AM
TH-03 - Diana
On time
Updated: Mar 27 at 2:53 PM
On time
Updated: May 4 at 2:01 PM
TH-05 - Rita
On time
Updated: Mar 22 at 12:24 PM
TH-06 - Marlowe
On time
Updated: Mar 22 at 12:24 PM
TH-07 - Leonie
On time
Updated: Mar 22 at 12:29 PM

Learning for Life...

School News

January Exam Schedule

It is what everyone has been waiting for... The January Exam Schedule is out. Click here to view.

Breakfast / Lunch Program

Three Hills School Parent Council would like to thank Adam B. Young Insurance, BLB Grain Group Ltd., Earl & Hanne Paget, Ken & Callie Paget, ATB Financial, Kal Tire, Norman L. Tainsh Law Office, Three Hills Royal Purple, The Egg Farmers of Canada and Vincovi for their generous donations towards the Three Hills School Breakfast and Lunch Program. The support is greatly appreciated!

Honour Roll

Congratulations to all of the Jr/Sr students who have achieved honour roll for term 1. Click here for the complete list of winners.

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