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Grad 2020/2021


Please click the link below for information regarding the June 5 grad ceremony.


Graduation Fact Sheet

Parade Information 


Grad Parents,

Just a reminder to RSVP if you are attending the June 5 grad ceremony along with the individuals who will be in the vehicle with you.  The deadline is tomorrow, Wednesday, May 26.

Grad Parents, 

As per the grad parent meeting on May 19, please RSVP if you will be attending the June 5 grad ceremony.  You can call 403-443-5335  or email  indicating your attendance.  If you are attending, please list the individuals who will be in the vehicle with you.  As per Alberta Health Services current regulations, this should be household members only.

The deadline to RSVP is May 26.


Dear Grads and Grad Parents,

The Three Hills School Graduation has once again been a challenge to plan this year. It has always been our hope that we could find an opportunity to celebrate our Graduates accomplishments and to bring closure to their time at THS. The restrictions brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic have made our options limited but we have never stopped exploring possibilities. We continue to monitor the situation and have prepared for a number of contingencies.

We are fully aware that restrictions now, and possibly on June 5th,  may cause us to adapt the plan we have made. This may come in the form of a modification to the ceremony and/or postponement to the alternate date of June 19th. We will be discussing this at our Zoom meeting on May 19th. 

After consulting with the students and staff we are prepared to announce that we have chosen to host a Drive-In style Graduation ceremony on June 5, 2021 at 2:00 pm. This ceremony will be very similar to last year's Graduation with some minor changes. We will be having a parent Zoom meeting on May 19th to go over some of the specifics with you. The meeting will be at 7:00pm Wednesday May 19th. If you are unable to attend please feel free to give me a call to discuss any concerns you may have. Please find the link below. 

Join Zoom Meeting


Please talk to your graduate about monitoring updates that will be posted on our Graduation Google Classroom. We are fully aware that we may have to adapt our plans as the Covid landscape changes. This may take the form of a modified Drive In Graduation and possibly an extension in the date of Graduation to the alternate of June 19th. It is our hope we can stick with the plan outlined below and have a successful Graduation on June 5th. We are excited to be able to host a celebration of our graduates this year and look forward to seeing you all! 


2021 Convocation 

Below is a proposal for convocation for the 2021 graduating students at Three Hills School and their families. Please be reminded that we are aware that present restrictions may limit this plan but it is our hope they will be lifted on the 25th.

Please note that plans are subject to change based on Alberta Government rules and regulations.  

The Drive-In style graduation would be on June 5.  It is an opportunity to celebrate the academic achievements of our grade 12 students who have met all provincial graduation requirements and provide closure to their senior year. 

The safety of our students, their families, and our staff are our priority.   As such, we have, in accordance with Alberta Health Services, put important parameters in place to mitigate the risk of illness or injury.  It is critical that everyone participating adhere to these parameters without exception. 

Only the graduates will be permitted to exit the vehicle along with those persons involved in the ceremony.   At all times we will be practicing 2 meter social distancing.  

 Because we are considering everyone’s safety, each graduating student may attend in one vehicle with members of their immediate family only.  No other vehicles will be permitted, and students will not be permitted to travel in vehicles with one another.   The driver of the vehicle must be a parent or guardian of the student graduating.  We will only permit typical vehicles for ease of entering and exiting the field.  Please, no RV’s or busses.

Advisors, administration and master of ceremonies will add up to 5 people (Hopefully this will change when we come off high risk region status) .  Only the graduates may exit the vehicle.   Graduates will be expected to get out of the vehicle and pose for professional photos as they go through the arch prior to seating in a socially distanced audience. There will be a modified ceremony. They will be called up in groups of no more than 5-10 to receive their diploma.   Graduates will then make their way back to their vehicle where they will proceed to exit the field area 

The ceremony will go as follows:

  •  Vehicles enter through the south-west gate and parking lot

  •  Graduates will remain in the vehicle until the track area where an usher will ask the graduate to get out of the vehicle and proceed to the arch for a professional picture, and parents will park their vehicles in a horseshoe manner that is guided by ushers. Please remember that only the Graduate will be allowed to leave the vehicle.

  •  Graduates will then be seated in a socially spaced area for the ceremony facing the vehicles

  • There will be a program that includes a number of speeches

  •  A socially distanced picture will be taken using a scissor lift for the photographer

  •  Graduates will be called up to receive their diploma in groups 5-10

  •  Graduates will make their way to their vehicles.

  • Once all diplomas are received, vehicles will leave out of the north exit off of the track.(students have discussed having a parade after the ceremony but that is yet to be decided)

We will do our best to live stream the event.  If this is possible we would ask that each vehicle has a device so that they ensure that they are able to listen to the event, and that family may also watch the ceremony.

Washrooms will not be available and there is no access to the school.   Please take that into consideration in your planning.   

Todd Hoover 


Three Hills School