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Learning at Home Update - March 20, 2020 |

Learning at Home Update - March 20, 2020

Dear Parents,

These are challenging times and we all appreciate your patience this past week.  Along with the announcement to suspend classes across Alberta, the Minister of Education also announced that there would be some continuity of education for students while at home.

Golden Hills teachers have been working hard to put together a Home Learning Plan that will be manageable for students at home and accommodates the many different family situations and the additional stresses that many are feeling today.

Teachers have chosen the most important parts of the remaining curriculum and are developing resources and activities for students to help them complete this school year and prepare them for the next one.  We are planning to have this work ready for students early next week.  Different classrooms will use different methods to get these packages to you and then be returned for teachers to give feedback.  Teachers will work out specific delivery methods with you, but you can expect some of the following:

  • Email – learning packages will be emailed and returned by email for teachers to review
  • In person pick-up and drop-off – for families without email access, they can pick up and drop off work right at the school
  • Google classroom/Freshgrade, etc. – For students familiar with online tools like these, teachers will continue to use these platforms to share work

This is what you can expect for your child:

 Kg–Gr 3

  • Literacy and numeracy priorities only
  • Approximately a total of 5 hours of student work per week

Gr 4-6

  • 80% Literacy and numeracy priorities (approx)
  • 20 % Science and Social Studies (approx)
  • Approximately a total of 5 hours of student work per week

Grade 7-9

  • Core priorities in Math, L.A., Science and Social Studies
  • Approximately a total of 10 hours of student work per week

Grade 10-12

  • Focus on those core classes required for post-secondary acceptance
  • Focus on English, Social, Math, Bio, Chem and Physics
  • Content from other courses where possible
  • Approximately 12 hours/week balanced between all courses (guideline is approx. 3 hrs/course, but individual courses may vary)

Your child’s teacher or the school will be in direct contact with you in the next few days with more specific details on these Home Learning Plans. 

We want to encourage you to stay connected to your teachers and the school and to set up some regular routines during the day for your child to work.  They are familiar with routines at school and setting up structure and routines at home will help them be successful there too.

We really want students to do well with this in their very first week.  Teachers will be flexible as we work closely with you on the goals for your child.  If you are having any challenges or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your teacher or the school.

It will also be important for you to know that our regularly scheduled PAT and Diploma exams have been cancelled for this year and the school awarded mark will be the only mark received by Grade 12 diploma course students.  You can find the full details of the Alberta Education release here: Continuing Student Learning

Our teachers appreciate the support you give us and the excellent relationships we have with parents and we are thankful for your patience and continued support as we all adjust to these changes.

Bevan Daverne
Superintendent of Schools
Golden Hills School Division