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Nov 20 - Europe Trip 4 - London, Paris & Barcelona

Trains, planes and fewer automobiles... other than the double decker. Mr. Vaughan gave us awesomely efficient transportaion between London and Paris and then on to Barcelona. This trip took us to 3 amazing cities... check out the photos and trip highlights from the group, which included students and staff from Three Hills School and Trochu Valley School.

Nov 3 - Europe Trip 3 - Greece & Italy

Trip three of the modern era saw a band of students from THS and Trochu Valley head over to Athens. After taking in the historic sites, they made their way across Greece to Patros, and then ran the overnight ferry across to Brindisi, Italy. After a quick jaunt across the boot to Sorrento, and an amazing visit to the Isle of Capri, the bus turned towards Rome. Visits to Pompeii and Naples had the g...

Oct 26 - Europe Trip 2 - Germany, Austria & Switzerland

The 2nd trip our students enjoyed travelled through the heartland of central Europe. Munich, Vienna, & Lucerne were major cities that helped us understand the history of the region, as well as to get a broader perspective on today's world and the diversity of life away from the rolling prairies. That included a sobering visit to Dachau, a monument to the horror of war, as well as awesome vistas in...

Oct 15 - Europe Trip 1 - London, Paris & Rome

Mr. Vaughan's 1st Europe Trip with THS students was in April, 2009. Here are a few photos of the sights to commemorate the days.